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Allstate Roofing

Jim Horner, owner and operator of Allstate Roofing, has been a licensed roofing contractor for 13 years. Recognizing the opportunity to specialize in roof replacement and insurance work for commercial roofs, he narrowed his focus of service for just that purpose. Since then, Allstate Roofing has replaced thousands of commercial roofing systems in Albuquerque, Las Cruces and surrounding areas in New Mexico.

Allstate Roofing operates with a different philosophy than most other roof replacement companies out there. We have learned over the years that storms (wind & hail), can and do cause significant damage to commercial roofing systems of all types, rendering those roofs defective. Surprisingly, while insurance companies must honor their policy of protection against damage to your property and pay for your metal roofing system to be replaced, they often times deny the claim or shortchange you on the amount necessary to get the work done properly by a fully insured, competent, reputable and professional roofing contractor.

We specialize in this type of insurance work. We are experts at it.

Allstate Roofing has a team of trained and experienced inspectors, skilled at meeting with insurance adjusters on behalf of property owners. We provide our expertise for the benefit of our customers and have been successful in getting claims paid on hotels, restaurants, office buildings, retail clothing outlets, furniture stores, mechanic and machine shops, churches, dry cleaners and car washes to name a few.

If you’ve got storm damage to your commercial roof, Allstate Roofing has the roofing AND insurance expertise to represent your interests before your insurance company and get you the new commercial roof you’re entitled to.

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