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What You Need to Know Before Installing a Metal Roof in Albuquerque

If you have plans to install or replace the roof of your Albuquerque home or office, chances are that you may have considered roofing with metal. Well, that’s not a bad choice at all considering that a metal roof comes with several advantages, which is why it’s becoming a common option. Before installing the roof, however, you may want to equip yourself with some information about metal roofing.

How can you care for your metal roof?

Caring for your metal roofing is crucial if you want it to last long. Some of the things you can do to ensure that your roof remains in good shape include:

1. Trim trees that are so close

If there is a tree that is so close to the roof of your building, you should consider pruning it as soon as possible. This is in consideration that heavy branches can fall off in case of a heavy storm and damage your metal roof.

2. Get a reliable metal roofing contractor

Before hiring a roofing contractor for the installation or repair of your metal roofing, ensure that they have positive reviews and that they have enough experience. Finding a good Albuquerque Metal Roofing company or contractor is not a hard thing to do as long as you put in a little time and effort into serious research.

3. Fix problems immediately

If there is an issue with your metal roof, always ensure that you address it as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse. Keep in mind that a well-maintained roof will last longer and save you more cash in the long run.

What are the benefits of Metal Roofing?

Even though it’s not the best roofing material for all situations, metal has several unique benefits such as:
• Longevity
Most of the regular roofing material can last anywhere from 10-30 years. Metal roofs, however, can last as long as 40-70 years depending on the quality and type.

• Strength
Winds in Albuquerque can get so strong at times, but that should not be a problem for metal roofs since they can withstand winds of up to 140 mph.

• Fire Resistance
Some roofs can catch fire from lightning, but that is not the case with metal roofs. You can rest assured that your building is safe from lightning-ignited fires.

• Beauty
Metal roofs are beautiful, especially in the sunlight compared to other types of roofing material.

• Energy Efficient
Metal roofing is energy efficient as long as it’s adequately coated and well insulated. A metal roof can reduce your cooling costs by up to 25% in the summer.

• Lightweight
When compared to clay tiles, for example, which can weigh anywhere from 1100-2000 pounds per 100 square feet, metal roofs (aluminum and steel) are significantly lighter at about 40-125 pounds per 100 square feet.

• Easy installation
If you aim for quick installation of a roof for your home or business, you can consider metal as your choice because it’s easy to install as long as you hire an experienced Albuquerque Metal Roofing contractor.

Concerns about metal roofing

Metal roofs have several benefits, but there are some concerns as well. The main drawbacks of installing a metal roof are:

• A high initial cost is involved when installing a metal roof.
• A metal roof can be noisy when it hails if it’s not well insulated.
• Some types of metal roofing can dent when hit by large hailstones.

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