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Storm Damage Roof

Storm damage roof replacement is one of our specialties. Our reputable commercial roof replacement company will help with the insurance claims process and make sure you aren’t being short-changed by the insurance carrier. Contact our office today so that we can help right away.

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Storm Damage Roof Replacement

When you contact us about a storm damage roof replacement, we will schedule your free roof inspection. During the inspection, one of our skilled roofers will survey the storm damage to your roof and inform you whether or not you will need to file a claim with your insurance carrier. Our specialist will also review the type of insurance coverage you have in order to determine how to move forward. Once we get your claim approved, we will get starting working on your brand new commercial roof. Our commercial roofing contractor is always available to answer any questions you have. We can’t take all the stress away, but we try to make the process as painless as possible.

Here are a few points to keep in mind if you are dealing with a storm damaged roof:

After a storm, don’t jump at the first offer you receive from a roofing contractor. Storm chasers will try high-pressure sales tactics to get you to quickly sign a contract and pay up front for the work. Not every roofing company is licensed or insured, like they claim to be, and not every contractor has the level of experience we do when it comes to replacing a storm damage roof.

  • Despite what the insurance carrier representative says, you can hire any metal roofing contractor you want.
  • Ask roofing contractors for references and check online for reviews.
  • Verify that the roofing contractor has a valid business license.
  • Verify that the roofing contractor has up-to-date workers comp insurance.
  • Get a written estimate with a clear timeline for completion.
  • Ask potential commercial roofing contractors if they assist in the insurance claims process.

Most importantly, don’t wait to call an experienced roofing company after you discover your roof has been damaged by a strong storm. The sooner you get the claims process started, the sooner you can have a new roof on your property.


Commercial Storm Damage Roof

Because we have so many years of experience assisting our customers with the insurance claims process, we are the perfect roofing company to help you with your claim. We know what the common loopholes are and how to avoid them. We know what insurance carriers do to try and deny legitimate claims, and we can help to prevent this.

Our roofing insurance specialist will meet with the insurance adjuster and inspect the damage. Our team member will explain to the adjuster why a full metal roof replacement is necessary. We have been successful at getting claims paid in full for many types of commercial structures, such as hotels, churches, restaurants, retail clothing stores, furniture stores and more. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

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We can replace your commercial storm damage roof in Las Cruces, Albuquerque and all nearby cities in New Mexico.


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